Christmas Mama's Little Helpers!!

by Effy Papaioannides on December 21, 2019
Christmas is everyone’s favorite winter time. But for your kids it’s much more than that. It’s the time of the year when magic can happen. When parents have that extra time to spend with their little ones. To create special moments that, in time, will become memories of a happy childhood and of what Christmas should be like.
Christmas Making Cookies with children
Every childhood memory is one more thread that makes family bonds even stronger. It’s a warm place of happiness where your children can return, even in their adult years. It’s pure magic! Kids love Christmas delicacies but this year, make them your little helpers in the kitchen and “bake” even stronger family bonds. Participating in the making of melomakarona, kourampiedes or Christmas cookies will teach your kids more than the family recipe.
It will teach them teamwork while having fun. Play around with the ingredients, the shapes of the dough and the extra something that your kids may want to add. Because sharing food is a ritual on its own. But preparing food is also a very important ritual. So, this year, include your child and share this special moment by creating your very own Christmas story that your kids will someday tell their kids. This way, Christmas becomes so much more than Christmas. It becomes a family ritual, a unique story that reinforces family bonds. It becomes a time when magic happens!

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