MissFlamingoKids day at Ktima Kokotou

by Effy Papaioannides on July 03, 2020
It was a lovely, sunny day when we visited Ktima Kokotou. We had a wonderful time discovering nature. Research says, nature can help us feel happier and more energized when connecting with it. Moreover, nature-related activities, such as farming and gardening, are perfect as part of mental health treatments.
Discover the summer camp! The trip was so enjoyable in Summer Splish-Splash Camp at the children's play based learning school, Youngvines at Kokotos Vineyards. Youngvines is a wonderful summer camp destination, offering many types of activities for children, a weekly programme for pre-school children, educational visits for groups or schools, seasonal programmes, etc. I think walking is a popular and most enjoyable activity among kids at the camp. They can find small hills area to climb easily.
Moreover, youngvines offered us all these below-given activities: 
  • Gardening
  • Pony rides
  • Cooking
  • Nature exploring
  • Theatrical play
  • Craft using natural materials
  • Educational programs on the farm
  • Daily swimming in own pool
It is summertime! Yes, it is all about the cool and comfortable dressing. It was a MissFlamingoKids day, indeed! Because kids wore fabulous summer outfits for enjoying their camp day. In the trip, children explored stylish, lovely outfits and the clothes presented them with a pretty appearance for discovering the camp activities. Girls wore a beautiful set of biker shorts with a sports top and the boys were looking smart and unique with custom t-shirts and soft cotton shorts.
roller power legging     
Enjoy refreshing nature! We know that contact with nature is important for children and adults as well and this is a source of wonder and motivation for kids. Nature helps them to develop physically and to make sense of spirituality. On the other hand, it helps to reduce stress and attention-shortage disorder problem. In the coronavirus, though we should follow the health and safety rules, also, children require to visit outdoor play areas for physical and mental fitness.
After the lockdown, we should cherish the time for exploring nature and feeling healthy, especially for the children. Being outside they can feel good. When kids visit a camp, they are free to discover, move about, make noise, climb trees, explore rocks and bugs, play outdoor games with friends, etc. In nature, children can hop, roll, skip, and shout, that can feel refreshing and relaxing.
Help kids to be independent! Summer camp is a spot for learning independence and self-sufficiency similar to schools. In the camp, kids learn to listen to other adults outside their family, like camp counsellors and facilities of that place. They learn new skills and have a new set of friends. Children require borrowing a camp bag for keeping essential things, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, reusable water bottle, etc. Also, be prepared with suitable clothes and shoes for all kind of weather and scenarios. Therefore, they can learn to manage things independently.
Summer camps do more than just keep children occupied. YoungVines is a perfect venue for learning new skills while having fun. Kids can enjoy themselves without depending on technology. After visiting the outdoor, children can realize that they can take a break from the screens and nature’s life is just incomparable with anything. I feel like summer is the perfect time to visit a summer camp where I can teach my kids about things I really value and love that we enjoy each other’s company.
Stay safe and be happy! :)
Thank you youngvines for your hospitality!

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