Salty Miss Flamingo Kids

by Effy Papaioannides on February 09, 2023

If you are looking for some exclusively designed summer swimwear, then we have  a great surprise for you! It’s our Miss Flamingo and our new creation Summer Swimwear, also called Salty Miss Flamingo.

I, Effy Papaioannides, am the owner of the brand Miss Flamingo and I always bring my love for pink flamingos into designs. Next is our artist Melina Kohen, who is widely known for her colorful street art at the city of Athens. The small girl of the gang is 10-year-old Phaedra who designed the whole collection closing this fabulous creative project with her important role, the look of the final buyer of the young child.

Miss Flamingo offers for the first time animal patterned fabric with exclusively designed summer collections with pretty colors. The collection is with swimwear, bikini and two-piece swimsuits in two different collectable prints of Melina Koan. The age range for all girls and boys are available from 2 years to 14 years as well as for moms.

Check out our stunning designs! Girl Leopard Runway Swimsuit, Girl Red Zebra Bubble Swimsuit, Girl Purple Zebra Suited Up Bikini, and our other beautiful collections for girls are made of heart touching designs with high quality materials.

Exceptional animal print theme! We care about our kids’ development; mostly in this pandemic season, children missed their outdoor tour activities. We thought deeply to create these appealing swimwears to give a joyful moment to the children because they could know about animal names and prints. It will inspire them to discuss with their friends and families about when they will wear their favorite printed swimwear.

We are always concerned about moms and you will be amazed to see our very beautiful and stylish swimwear for moms such as the Women Coral Zebra Swimsuit, the Women Purple Leopard Bikini, the Women Star Red Bikini, and more designs that are available for you. All the designs are perfect if you prefer something simple and timeless. These eye-catching, fashionable swimwears are suitable as summer outfits for water sports like swimming, or for simply collecting a stylish summer swimsuit. The top and bottom part of a set can be adjusted easily so that you can feel confident.

Swimming is an excellent way for adults and children to be active and can boost their physical and mental health. In a research it was said that due to the coronavirus pandemic more than 2 million children missed out on their regular swimming activity. They can still become active if they swim regularly. The swimming activity helps to build confidence, develop motor skills, support academic performance, improve sleep, increase energy, strengthen lung capacity, and so on.

You can enjoy the feeling of cool and comfort when you wear our lovely Miss Flamingo summer products. Our new summer collection pieces are suitable for swimming, water sports, for a beach tour, or for only keeping in your collection. These are amazing to protect you from the sun with sun-safe UPF 50+ rating.

Don’t be late, visit our website and do online shopping at Miss Flamingo kids e-shop because you and your kids deserve a memorable summer season!


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