Summer Magic; Their Imaginative Play!

by Effy Papaioannides on June 13, 2020

Summer is a favorite season for children and adults. You can prefer another moment of the year, but still, you will desire to welcome the summer for its timeless some of the charms. Childhood is a wonderful, adventurous time for children to explore and learn boundless unknown things. They indeed start to learn by doing and imagining. Pretending skill is important for the developmental areas of every child. It can boost their language skills, thinking skills, social, and emotional skills as well.

Many studies have presented that imaginative play can encourage social behavior such as empathy and co-operation to showing feelings through appreciation of others, etc. Pretend play serves to solve a variety of problems that can originate from not having developed these behaviors. 

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 These are awesome! Children loves Dinosaur & Unicorn Hoodies so much for a pretty appearance with its beautiful pattern design. The products contain an innovative drawing and are made of high quality soft cotton and fleece material to provide kids with the best level of comfort. 

The creative design hoodies can be a great fun style, entertaining, and functional homemade products for the girl. No worries about the stability of these pretty items, the hoodies have excellent durability with double stitched seams and easy to wash.


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 This is a famous quotation for you and is written by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” 
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