Welcome Home, Miss Flamingo baby!

by Effy Papaioannides on November 05, 2019
Congratulations mom and dad, your baby is finally at home!
Are you ready for baby-shopping?
Welcome your baby at home with Miss Flamingo kids must-haves! 
Baby Crown
1. The Queen is home, long live the Queen!
This super cute hair-accessory Cotton Candy Sprinkles Lace Crown is all you need to make your baby feel like a Queen! 
Good to know: it is handcrafted, sculpted from lace and -guess what- totally waterproof!
Unicorn Wall Mount
2. We all love Unicorns, don’t we?  Welcome to the magical room!
Your baby will love this handmade Magical Unicorn Wall Decor, available in three unique colours. 
3. In fashion with Miss Flamingo Kids!
Baby Boy alert, be careful, danger of cuteness overload! 
Be ready to welcome your baby at home with the coolest outfits.
Boys Rule or Baby Chef bodysuit? Choose both and your baby will thank you later!
Chef Baby
4. Everybody is aware of all the trouble a new mommy is going through! Stay comfy with a pair of Miss Flamingo mom leggings and make your life with your baby a little sweeter.
Now you can choose between animal print, dog print and lips print!
Hope you enjoyed this cheat baby list, see you soon!

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